Difference for arch/ogl/include/ogl_init.h from version 1.3 to 1.4

version 1.3 version 1.4
Line 9
Line 9
 extern int gl_initialized;  extern int gl_initialized;
 //platform specific funcs  //platform specific funcs
 inline void ogl_swap_buffers(void);  //MSVC seems to have problems with inline funcs not being found during linking
   #ifndef _MSC_VER
   void ogl_swap_buffers(void);
 int ogl_init_window(int x, int y);//create a window/switch modes/etc  int ogl_init_window(int x, int y);//create a window/switch modes/etc
 void ogl_destroy_window(void);//destroy window/etc  void ogl_destroy_window(void);//destroy window/etc
 void ogl_init(void);//one time initialization  void ogl_init(void);//one time initialization
Line 22
Line 26
 //whee  //whee
 inline GLfloat PAL2Tr(int c);  #define PAL2Tr(c) ((gr_current_pal[c*3]+gr_palette_gamma)/63.0)
 inline GLfloat PAL2Tg(int c);  #define PAL2Tg(c) ((gr_current_pal[c*3+1]+gr_palette_gamma)/63.0)
 inline GLfloat PAL2Tb(int c);  #define PAL2Tb(c) ((gr_current_pal[c*3+2]+gr_palette_gamma)/63.0)
   //inline GLfloat PAL2Tr(int c);
   //inline GLfloat PAL2Tg(int c);
   //inline GLfloat PAL2Tb(int c);
 #endif  #endif

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